Monday, December 07, 2015

House Selling/Buying Notebook

Back in August we found a house in Virginia Beach that we wanted to purchase. Then we began the process of selling our house in North Carolina. With both the house buying and selling happening simultaneously, I decided I needed two things: a notebook and a folder to keep me organized. 

I used this handy notebook that was separated into two sections. I could document all things that applied to the VA house in one section and the items for the NC house in the other section. Conveniently, it came with a little pocket for each section. So any loose notes, business cards, and receipts could be placed in the pockets. 

In the notebook, I jotted down information on home repairs, showing dates and times, moving costs, utility company phone numbers, and a variety of other important items that pertained to the buying and selling of the homes. 

I also had a folder for the sale of the NC home. It was helpful for adding the larger documents that we needed to keep track of along the way.  

In addition to the notebook and the folder, I also kept two folders in my email that were titled with the home addresses. When any, and all, emails came in I would save them under the correct house folder. This made it pretty easy to find important emails from realtors, home inspectors, painters, etc. 

I think these forms of organization are what helped me to stay on track and not lose my mind (completely)! Hope these might help someone else out there who is looking to buy or sell a house (or to do both). Good luck. 

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