Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kitchen Redo

When we bought our house we realized there would be a few things that would need redoing. We tackled the bathroom right away and took care of carpeting the stairs. Our final area to remodel was the kitchen. 

We chose to remove a wall unit oven and microwave and replace it with a tall cabinet. 

View of the kitchen when the former owners were living here

Old and outdated wall unit with oven and microwave

We also removed a cabinet and replaced with a slide in oven/stove combo and a microwave above. The remodel meant that we would need to have part of the granite counter top removed and a portion of a cabinet removed. 

Taking out the countertop and stovetop and removed the cabinets.

The process was a little slow due to some unforeseen events. But by the time the whole thing was done, we were thrilled with the results. 

New microwave and slide in oven/stove.

Cabinet installed in the wall where the former oven and microwave were

Outlet in cabinet
Slide out drawers

Cabinet with a view to the hallway
Inside of cabinet

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  1. Beautiful! and I love the outlet in the cabinet!!