Saturday, September 17, 2016

Great Teenagers Are All Around Us

I just want to document this story because I never want to forget the kindness of several teenagers in Lily's life.

Lily started her first day as a junior at a new school on September 6th. When she headed out the door that morning I was impressed with her poise and calm spirit. She was going to a building with approximately 800 more students than she was with in North Carolina. Lily didn't convey many fears about this new experience but I kept thinking about what she would do at lunch. 

Lily headed for lunch on her first day at school and knew no one in that lunch block. With confidence and I;m sure a little apprehension, she approached a group of girls and asked if they would mind if she joined them for lunch. She explained that she was new and didn't know anyone. They said sure and were all willing to share their lunches with her when they found out she hadn't brought lunch that day. One of the girls got up to go to the lunch line and as she walked away from the table she asked Lily if she was allergic to anything. Lily said no. When they girl returned, she brought back a chicken salad for Lily. Yes, really!!!

Now, when Lily came home from her first day at her new school and relayed this story to me, I was overwhelmed. I think I even asked her to pause for a minute so I could compose myself. As a mom, my heart was so incredibly thankful for the kindness of a stranger.  A teenager who went out of her way to make another teenager feel good and included. 

When I retell this story I'm amazed at the number of people who have said, "oh my goodness, I would never have had the nerve to approach a group of girls like Lily did". I agree. I know that I would have been too shy to do something like that. And, I'm also happy to be able to tell adults that my daughter goes to a high school where people are kind and they make others feel good. And, yes there are some really great teenagers out there. In fact, I think there are more good teenagers than there are the bad ones who we hear about most often.

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