Thursday, October 13, 2016


Wow it has been awhile since I blogged. Our every day life is keeping me busy. I guess that's my only excuse.

Fynley had a chance to visit the beach for the first time last week. She loved running on the beach but she wasn't too sure about the water. So glad we are able to take her to the beach. 

Shelly and Fynley on the porch. 

Shelly preparing for her walk to school. Such a cool thing that we are close enough for her to walk to school every day. 

We went to Trader Joe's for our pumpkins. They have so many great looking pumpkins and terrific prices, too. We decorated the front of the house with our dozen pumpkins. Happy to see Fall around the house even though it's still a bit warm outside. 

We have owned this house for one year. Hard to believe. The girls and I didn't move into the house, permanently, until January. But, John started living here in October and we made several visits in November and December. 

Fynley is super fun. She is a total lap dog and I love it!!!

Another day of walking to school for Shelly. Here she is waiting on the corner of our court for her friend.

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