Saturday, November 05, 2016

Halloween Fun

Shelly decided she wanted to be an ice cream cone for Halloween. So, I got to work putting together a costume for her. 

It included a tan skirt from Forever 21, a white t-shirt cut to represent dripping ice cream with felt sprinkles added, and a headband with a red styrofoam ball and a red pipe cleaner for the cherry on top. It was an easy and cute costume for a middle schooler. 

An ice cream cone

Lily's face = she should have dressed up as a character from Hamilton! 

She had fun trick or treating in a new neighborhood with new friends. Lily went with us while John stayed home and gave out candy. 

Friends trick or treating

Lily accompanied us

We also dressed Fynley in a fun set of black wings. Her coloring made her the perfect little bat. 


It was a successful Halloween. 


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