Monday, November 07, 2016

Around the House

Here are a few items from around the house that I wanted to share.

Oh, she's around the house! Cute little Fynley!

This fan on our porch helped to make the hot summer days a little more bearable.

I found this pillow cover at Hobby Lobby and I can't believe how much it looks like Fynley (if she was wearing a pair of glasses).

I searched high and low for just the right chalkboard to go in this spot. For months, I looked at TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Target, and every place in between to find a chalkboard I loved. After telling my sister, the expert shopper, she found this perfect chalkboard for me at Ross. And, the added bonus, it was only $20!!!!
While searching for the chalkboard, I came across two of these lanterns for the porch. They were only $9.99 and that made me very happy. They also included a flameless candle that has a built in timer!

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