Friday, March 24, 2017

Random Thougts

I've noticed that since we moved to Virginia Beach, I haven't been as diligent with my blog updates. I added in a new series that deals with items that I'm enjoying and that has kept me posting at least once a week. But, my daily life posts have been slim. I'm going to attempt to change that.

So, here are some random things happening around here---

Lily is going to the Ring Dance next weekend and she started hunting for dresses for the big night. The dresses all look great on her. Here are a couple she tried on but decided not to wear.

We took a walk at Pleasurehouse Point. It's a fun spot near the water. Most of the trail is sandy and Fynley enjoyed frolicking along the paths.

The girls put together my recipe for Slime (from back when I was teaching). Slime is a big thing right now and they joined in on the trend.

Shelly got a cute new pink dress from Nordstrom Rack and she brought some warmer temps on the day she wore it.

I rode with John while he was working in the Northern Neck of Virginia. On our trip, we took a total of 5 different bridges that day.

Fynley is so much fun. We love all of her crazy antics. She's a great little friend to all of us.

I got a good picture of Daisy when I stopped by to see my dad recently. She loves him and is doing great!

Sofia was in town and a bunch of us went to dinner and to watch Kaden play basketball while she was here.

That wraps up our random happenings!

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