Friday, August 11, 2017

Summer Update

We love summer!! So thankful for the time to relax, recharge, be lazy, play games, be unscheduled, go to the beach, the pool, and just live without the schedule that will come soon enough. 

Lily handed out programs at the 2017 graduation for her high school.

 John was out of town for Father's Day, but we celebrated with my dad at his house for a tasty brunch.

We took a leisurely walk on the boardwalk after dinner one night.

Fynley has kept us entertained with lots of time snuggling and playing with her.

Lily worked as a counselor for the same summer camp this year and enjoyed her time working for them. 

Shelly volunteered at a local farm for the past few weeks. She did a great job helping with the campers and the various animals---goats, chickens, horses, and bunnies. She even assisted in the goat yoga activities.  

John bought a jet ski and we have had a great time with it. Lily completed her boating certificate and is now feeling confident enough to drive the jet ski and enjoys the wind through her hair out on the water. 

Shelly went to NC to have her braces taken off. We are all super excited for her. She had her braces on for almost exactly two years (July 23, 2015--July 20, 2017) and has been the perfect patient. Shelly has handled it so well and made numerous trips back and forth to Greensboro over the last year. 

Lily and Shelly put their Enos up in the front yard and have enjoyed hanging out in them in the evenings. 

Shelly and I visited the Norfolk zoo and loved it. So many great animals and super clean and inviting. 

We went to a Tides baseball game and had a fun time on an unseasonably comfortable evening. 

We visited the new Waterside and walked around to check out the restaurants. The girls also stopped at the Fudgery for a little dessert. We took a stroll over to the new hotel and checked out the Grain located at the top of the hotel. Great views and fun setting. 

Lily and I took a road trip to James Madison University for a tour of the school. We were both very impressed and loved the school. We stayed the night at Charlottesville and stopped in Richmond on our way home. 

We've spent plenty of days (and nights) at my dad's pool. The perfect place to hang out on the warm summer days. 

Lily's friend, Claudia, came for a 10 day visit. She was the perfect guest and Lily loved having her here. 

The girls, Claudia, Krissy, and I all went to Busch Gardens for the day and had a terrific time on the roller coasters. 

Lily had her first official senior event. She had her portrait taken for the yearbook. Wow, this is all just about to begin. 

We took a super fun cruise to the Bahamas and I'll post more about that later. 

Hoping to pack the remaining summer weeks with plenty of thrills and excitement. 

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