Thursday, November 15, 2012

Missing Mom

The holidays always creep up on me and remind me how much I miss my mom. When I least expect it I am filled with so many emotions about my mother and I can't seem to work around it.
The Ruesch Family
I found myself in Target looking at the Christmas ornaments and thinking about my mom. I was thinking about how we would have long conversations about the new holiday items and what was cute and not so cute. And then, not long after my Target visit, my mom kept popping into my life. I wore a bracelet of hers the next day and it kept falling off my wrist. Was she sending me a signal?

Then I ran across some old videos of the girls that featured my parents and I just loved seeing her again and hearing her voice. That led me to the copies of some tapes that we had made several years ago. Tapes between my mom and dad when he was in the Navy, as well as, tapes between my mom and grandma when we lived in California. So comforting to hear her voice again.

And, what it all made me think was this...take more videos of my family and keep on clicking photos. Because when it's all said and done the ability to see her image and hear her voice are worth more than anything!!!

Here's a little bit of video I put together of my mom (a bit dark and oddly edited, but still I get to see and hear my momma):

The last part of this video was taken in 2008. That was the last time my mom was at my house. Sure do miss her.

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  1. Wow, that was powerful for me, I can't imagine how it is for you. What a wonderful lady. She's left quite a legacy, in you and your girls. (((Hugs)))