Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas Morning

On Christmas Day we are at my dad's house. The girls get up and open their stockings from Santa. Then we move into the living room for Santa gifts, along with the gifts from family. 

First thing Christmas morning!

Shelly and her stocking
Super big Slim Jim

Lily opening stocking stuffers

Santa gifts

Her favorite---play doh!

Lily and her Santa presents

Rockin' her bunny slippers

Lily and her beloved sock monkey from the Gorslines

Sweet gift for sister
Lily made Shelly matching tshirts for both

Dad and his gift card

Lily and her piggy slippers

A Christmas kitty

Shelly and her art set from the Gorslines

My dad having fun with the monkey
Then we have a yummy brunch with sticky buns and a sausage casserole. My dad, John, and I have mimosas, too!
Sweet Daisy on Christmas morning
After hanging out for a bit, we head down the street to my sister's house for more food and fun. It's a perfect way to end the day!

Lin and Krissy

Christmas evening
Shelly & Lily

Cousins on Christmas night

John and dad asleep
The fathers all worn out!

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